Powerful Coffee Grinder

Great Grinder for Coffee Beans and Spices

SHARDOR coffee grinder has a sleek and elegant appearance, as well as practical feature. The lid activated safety switch allows you to control the thickness of the powder according to your preferences. 200 watts of power and stainless steel blades yield even and fine powder quickly, and retain the natural flavor of coffee beans to the greatest extent, which is an indispensable helper for coffee lovers.

Sharp Blade

Stainless steel blade of good quality offers powerful and quick performance, grinding coffee beans sharply and evenly.

Fine or Coarse as You Like

The time of pressing the lid decides how fine the powder would be. You can stop at any time you want.

Easy and safe locking. You just need switch the bowl counterclockwise to remove it, clockwise to lock it, which is convenient.

Safe Locking


Product Dimensions

Item Weight

Power supply



3.7 x 3.7 x 8 inches

2.2 pounds

120V, 60HZ  /  230V, 50HZ



●  Can I use it to wet grinder ?
Sure you can do it, but this cup works better to grinder dry things. And we will soon release a new version with two cups, one for dry grinding and one for wet grinding.



●  Is this matte black?
Yes, the body is matte black however, there are gloss black accents on the front and top.



●  Can it grind a teaspoon of flaxseeds?
It can grind flaxseed but a teaspoon of it maybe too little. We recommend that the amount of flaxseed should at least cover the blade so that the blade will not just spin while cut nothing, which would protect the blade also the motor.



●  Do you have to hold the button down the whole time for it to grind, or ia it "hands-free"?
Yes, You need to hold the button down to grind.



●  Can I use it to grinder spice or nut?
Of course you can use it to grinder nut and spice if you want. Though we recommend that it is used for coffee bean only to prevent flavor contamination.



●  I would love to buy an extra stainless steel bowl to add to my purchase. Where can I do so?
Contact the manufacturer or your place of purchase.



●  Are the Bowl and lid dishwasher safe ?
The bowl is dishwasher safe. But we recommend using running water and dry cloth to wipe.



●  What measurements does it have inside? 4,6,10 cups?
4 to 12 cups is available, and it has min and max line in it.