15-cup Coffee Maker

15Cups Size, Keep Warm for 45mins, 24hProgrammable

SHARDOR CM515B can brew 24 hours in advance and brew up to 15 cups at a time. The product will automatically keep warm for 45 minutes. After that, it will automatically enter the safe and energy-saving standby mode.

Programmable Function

The LCD, PROG button, can set the time for brewing coffee in advance, and the coffee machine has a heat preservation function so that you can enjoy the good time of coffee.

Special Spouting Design

With the special spouting design, it stops brewing to prevent cold water from mixing in at once when filling water.

The coffee maker defaults to standby mode when it is plugged, which saves power and is safe.

Power-saving and Safe


Product Dimensions

Item Weight

Power supply



7 x 5 x 9.5 inches

5.45 pounds

120V, 60HZ  /  230V, 50HZ



●  What is the material of the product?

Plastic and stainless.



●  Does it have a heated hot plate to keep coffee hot?
Yes, this coffeemaker has a keep warm plate that will keep your coffee hot, and it will automatically shut off after two hours.



●  Can this coffee maker be used without using the programmable feature?    

Yes, you can just run it without the timing setup.



●  Would you like to put a coffee filter paper?

We have a reusable filter basket.



●  Are the buttons soft rubber or hard plastic?

They are soft rubber.



●  Is the mesh filter basket plastic or metal?

It’s plastic. Easy to clean.



●  Is there a pause and serve option on this coffee maker?

Yes, you can sneak that first cup in before it's finished brewing.



●  Does this model have a wide mouth carafe that pours without spilling or the narrow mouth type that spills?

It pours without spilling.