Grind the dry ingredients fast and evenly.

SHARDOR coffee grinder has a sleek and elegant appearance, as well as practical feature. The transparent lid allows you to focus on the grinding process at any time, and the lid activated safety switch allows you to control the thickness of the powder according to your preferences.

Adjust the thickness of powder

There are seconds marks above timing knob. Choose coarse, medium or fine powder according to your preference.

Safety Lock

Hold the bowl and turn it clockwise. When you hear a click, it indicates that the grinding bowl has been successfully locked and the installation is completed.

Premium stainless steel blades offers powerful and quick performance, grinding coffee beans sharply and evenly.

Sharp and Durable Blades


Product Dimensions

Item Weight

Power supply



7.87 x 3.15 x 3.15inches

2.2 pounds

120V, 60HZ  /  230V, 50HZ



●  Do the powders spills out everywhere during grinding?

No, it won't spill out due to the design of the lid. The seal ring fits closely to the brim of the cup.


●  Does this grinder’s “fine” setting grind beans fine enough for use in an espresso maker?

Yes. It does grind the coffee beans very fine at the max 30sec setting.



●  Do you have to hold the button down the whole time for it to grind?

It is hands-free. You just need to adjust the timing knob and press the button to start it.



●  How much does the bowl hold in ounces?

The bowl can hold up to 10-12 oz depending what you are trying to grind. I measured using lentils.



●  How many watts is the heavyduty motor?

On the user manual, it states 120V 150W. Hope this answer your question.



●  Can I use this grinder to grind spices?

Yes, I grind spices everyday and it does a good job.



●  After grinding spices, how do you clean it?

You can switch the bowl off counterclockwise and clean it with water.



●  Is the lid BPA-free?

Yes, this lid is not included BPA-free.