Coffee beans unlock their full potential

SHARDOR CG715S has a stainless steel outlayer, which is sleek and fits nicely under most kitchen cabinets.
High-quality stainless steel blades and 200-watt powerful motor grind coarse powder in 5 seconds, which unlocks the delicious characteristics of the roast coffee right before brewing. The lid activates the switch mechanism, allowing you to customize the settings by yourself.

Sharp Blade

Stainless steel blade of good quality offers powerful and quick performance, grinding coffee beans sharply and evenly.

Removable bowl for easy cleaning

4 to 12 cups coffee available. Removable bowl, which holds 70g, is easy to clean.

Good at grinding coffee bean, spice, nuts. Nice helper in your kitchen.

Multi-functional grinder


Product Dimensions

Item Weight

Power supply



8.7 x 5.1 x 5 inches

2.4 pounds

120V, 60HZ  /  230V, 50HZ



●  Does this grind nuts into smooth nut butter consistency ?

Yes, the grinder does grind nuts into powders. Besides, the grinder has a transparent lid so that you can see the grinding process.



●  How long does it take to grind beans for use in a drip coffee machine?
We use a 10 cup drip coffee pot and it takes less than 10 seconds. We have had several grinders in past, this is by far the fastest., smoothest grinder.


●  The material of the grinder?

The bowl is stainless steel and the outer material is plastic.



●  How big it is? I do not want to buy a grinder which can not fit under my cabinet.

It is 9 inches tall.



●  what quantity of beans can you grind at one time?

You can grind 7 ounces of beans at one time. That's the Max line on the container.



●  Is there cord storage?

Yes there is, it wraps around the bottom.



●  How many bowls are in package?

One bowl



●  What’s the minimum amount allowed for grinding? Will it a grind a teaspoon of flaxseeds?

You should fill the bowl up to the min line inside it or at least cover the blade, which can protect the motor and get even grinding result.