Hand Mixer

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SHARDOR HM226B features 5 speed settings and turbo function, which can make it run 2 x 5 speeds. Mix ingredients for a variety of recipes from slowly whipping egg whites or heavy cream at speed one to stirring in chunky ingredients, like nuts or chocolate chips at speed five and turbo speed.

One Button Eject Design

Attachments can be removed for easy cleaning. You need to turn the button back to "0" and the attachment will be ejected.

Food-grade Attachments

4 attachments are made of stainless steel, which are more healthier and safer than chrome attachments. Plus, dishwasher safe.

It comes with black storage base, so it won't hog space in a drawer or cabinet. Plus, it keeps both the mixer and all attachments in one place.

Easy to Store


Product Dimensions

Item Weight

Power supply



3.15 x 2.75 x 7 inches

3.34 pounds

120V, 60HZ  /  230V, 50HZ



●  Are attachments really stainless steel?

Yes, the attachments are sturdier than they look. I haven't had a problem with them.



●  How many speeds with this kitchen hand mixer?
This hand mixer comes with 5 speed setting and turbo function, so it can run 10 speeds.



●  Does the base also have a place to store the cord?

The cord and the hand mixer are connected together and you can wrap it around the machine.



●  How long is the power cord?

The cord of the hand mixer is 1 meter/39.4inch.



●  How many rpms does it have?

The rpms between 654 RPM and 1575RPM. There are turbo I and turbo II.



●  How about the warranty? What will be if any problem during the warranty?

we have 1 year warranty. If you activate the warranty, it will extend to 400 days. 



●  Can you eject the attachmets while mixing?
Its attchments can't be ejected out while mixing.



●  I read this is 300 watts. is this right?

Yes, strong power, 300 watt.