How to Make Smoothie Bowls with Fruits & Veggies




Smoothie bowls not only look and taste great, but they make the perfect partner for any balanced diet. Great for a quick and nutritious breakfast, smoothie bowls are whipped up using fruit and veggies, then topped with colorful fruits, nuts and seeds for extra flavor and crunch. These smoothie bowl recipes will get your morning off to a great start, with the vitamins, fiber and proteins you need to conquer your day – whatever you’re doing! Check out the following top tips for creating your very own sensational smoothie bowl.



How to make a smoothie bowl


For the perfect smoothie bowl base, you’ll need three basic ingredients:


1.       Fruits or vegetables

2.       Water, juice, milk or milk alternative

3.       Oatmeal, frozen banana or peanut butter to thicken



Depending on the fruits or vegetables you choose, you can also sweeten your homemade smoothie bowl with honey, coconut or maple syrup. If you prefer a thicker consistency, frozen fruit is a great option. Once you’ve got all your ingredients, put them into a blender, This will finely puree your ingredients, making them ideal for smoothies.



Have a look at these three smoothie bowl recipes below:

Acai smoothie bowl:


These little grape-like berries contain loads of antioxidants, fiber and calcium – making acai a perfect addition to any delicious smoothie bowl. And because this recipe uses coconut milk, you’ll have yourself a vegan smoothie bowl.


Recipe idea: For this spectacular smoothie bowl, blend a banana, a cup of coconut milk and a handful of blueberries, oats and acai berries. Sprinkle with granola, raspberries and coconut shavings to top it off.


Green smoothie bowl:



Perfect for getting extra veggies into your kids’ diets, this green smoothie bowl is packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Because you can sweeten it with peanut butter, your kids will never even know they’re eating veggies! There are plenty of great green smoothie recipes to try, here’s one of them!


Recipe idea: For a green smoothie bowl with a delicious coconut twist, put one diced avocado and lime juice into a blender with a cup of coconut milk. You could even add a tablespoon of oats or peanut butter for extra protein and sweetness. Once your smoothie is in your bowl, top it off with delicious raspberries, crunchy cashew nuts and coconut flakes. Nice!


Berry smoothie bowl:



This healthy smoothie bowl will be a hit with the entire family. Thickened and sweetened with banana and crammed with antioxidants, this smoothie bowl contains very little fat, with a healthy dose of natural sugars and vitamins.Smoothies are perfect for breakfasts – here’s an idea to try!



Recipe idea: For a vibrant berry smoothie bowl, put a cup of strawberries (frozen or fresh), a banana, a cup of blueberries and some yogurt into your blender. Add a cup of crushed ice and then puree everything until creamy. Once the blended mixture is in your bowl, top it with raspberries, chia seeds and banana slices.

The best toppings for your homemade smoothie bowl 

Not only will your smoothie bowl taste amazing, but adding your favorite toppings will also give you more nutrients:

Protein: Nuts are super easy to throw into your smoothie bowl. A 1 oz serving of almonds (around 23 whole almonds) contains 6g of protein, 12% of the Daily Value (50g or 0.50 cup).* 

Fiber: Chia seeds are a good source of fiber, with 9.8g per oz** – they can help make your smoothie bowl more filling.***


Vitamins: A smoothie bowl should be bright and colorful. For an extra punch and more vitamins and nutrients in your breakfast, slice up a banana on the berry smoothie bowl or place some raspberries and blueberries on your acai smoothie bowl.




***Source: FDA














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