Use Tips-CG845B

Assembly & Usage


1. Wash the Bean Hopper and Grinding Chamber parts with warm soapy water. (Never use abrasive cleaners, steel wool pads or other abrasive materials. UNIT IS NOT DISHWASHER SAFE). CAUTION:Never immerse the motor housing into water or any other liquid or place in the dishwasher.

2. Dry thoroughly.





3. Install the Bean Hopper onto the unit and turn clockwise (until it clicks into place)




4. Please put Grinding Chamber Lid back on Grinding Chamber and then install into unit, tightly locking into place.
NOTE: If Bean Hopper and Grinding Chamber are not tightly in place correctly, the safety switches within the machine will not allow the grinder to work. You MUST have all parts in place to safely use it.







1. Make sure the Bean Hopper is clean, and pour the whole coffee beans into the Bean Hopper.

NOTE: The Bean Hopper has a capacity of 250g(8.8oz). Do not fill the coffee grinder beyond the brim of the hopper.

2. Securely attach the Bean Hopper and Grinding Chamber into the motor housing by gently putting down and turning it to the lock position. Make sure the coffee Grinding Chamber is in place.

NOTE: The Grinding Chamber has a capacity of 95g(3.35oz). Do not fill the ground coffee beyond the max line of the Grinding Chamber.

3. Plug the appliance into a outlet.




4. Set the Grind Slide Dial to the desired amount of grounds.

5. Turn the Cup Selector to the amount of cups you wish to grind.




6. Press and hold briefly the button to start the grinding process.

7. The unit will automatically stop when the selected volume has been reached.

NOTE: You may also stop the grinding process at anytime by pressing the button again.

8. Start the grinding process by pressing the button.




9. To remove the grinds-side the Grinding Chamber outward and remove the lid.






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