Use Tips-TS515B

Features & Benefits



1. Dual Toasting Slots
1½-inch (36mm) slot toasts a wide variety of breads.




2. Carriage Handle
Brings the toast close to the top of the toaster, making it easy to remove items.




3. Browning Control
Rotating dial sets selected shade. 7 browning levels toast from light to dark.




4. Bagel Button
Adds extra time to toasting cycle. LED lights when selected.




5. Defrost Button 
Defrosts and toasts frozen bread. LED lights when selected.




6. Cancel Button 
Interrupts toasting process.




7. Slide-out Crumb Tray 
Pulls out to clean crumbs that collect in bottom of toaster.




8. Cord Storage (not shown) 
Takes up excess cord and keeps countertop neat.

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